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Architectural Precast Concrete & Cast Stone

No, we didn't accidentally mix fireflies into our concrete mix ... it's TwinkleCrete! Light sources embedded flush with the concrete surface and nearly impossible to see when not activated, shine, twinkle, and change color. Resistant to weather and abrasion, TwinkleCrete can be used in sidewalks, patios, vertical panels, step treads, decorative medallions and nearly any other cast stone or precast concrete item.

This animated GIF gives you just a rough idea of what can be done with TwinkleCrete! The "TwinkleCrete" logo actually twinkles with some lights fading in and out. It then slowly disappears as "by Steps Plus" fades in with solid, non-blinking lights. The cycle repeats endlessly.
TwinkleCrete ® Windows Media Player Movies
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TwinkleCrete Sign Movie (570kb). TwinkleCrete Asterisk Movie (772KB). TwinkleCrete Wood-grain Patio Movie (402kb).

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