Architectural Precast Concrete Trim - Integrally colored architectural precast concrete units as indicated on the drawings as manufactured by Steps Plus, Inc.: web:, ph.: 315-432-0806, fax: 315-432-0612. Shop drawings by the Manufacturer shall be submitted for approval. The General Contractor shall verify all dimensions and coordinate the shop drawings with field conditions and other trades. Samples (6" sq. x 2"t) shall be submitted in a color selected by the Architect. Color to be achieved by using color pigments and any of the following as required to achieve the selected color: gray cement, white cement, white aggregates (sand/stone), dark aggregates (sand/stone). Precast shall have a smooth, dense, fine-grained texture achieved by acid etching. The finished product shall show no obvious repairs or imperfections other than minimal color variations when viewed with the unaided eye at a 20 foot distance in good typical daylight illumination. Precast shall be reinforced with a minimum area of steel equal to one quarter of one percent of the concrete's cross section area. If the surfaces are to be exposed to the weather, the reinforcement shall be galvanized or epoxy coated when covered with less than 2 inches of material for bars larger than 5/8 inch and 1-1/2 inches for bars 5/8 inch or smaller. The mix design used shall yield concrete with a minimum compressive strength of 5000 psi per ASTM C39-86 and with a water absorption that is not to exceed 6% by weight per ASTM C 642. After installation, any exterior stair treads or other units that may come in contact with salt or other deicing compounds must be sealed with a penetrating sealer approved by the Architect. Applicable standards for inspection and quality control shall be per Appendix J (Architectural Trim Requirements) in PCI MNL - 117 "Manual for Quality Control for Plants and Production of Architectural Precast Concrete Products" (3rd Edition) and PCI's "Architectural Precast Concrete Design Manual, 2nd Edition".