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Architectural Precast Concrete and Cast Stone is an ideal material for signs. Its look of substantial elegance can say as much about a business as the words upon it. Signs are custom made to whatever size, shape and color you desire. Lettering in any style can be molded into the concrete in either a recessed or raised fashion or metal lettering can be surface applied. Custom artwork or logos can easily be incorporated into your sign to make it a truly unique work of art. Steps Plus' controlled production techniques eliminate the bugholes and roughness associated with most cast-in-place concrete signs and instead provide a refined, high quality concrete product that is as durable as it is beautiful.

The installation of most precast signs is usually accomplished quickly and easily by setting them onto a simple pier footing. We'll cast in any required attachment hardware. Recesses for lights and conduit for wiring can also be cast in to make it a breeze for your electrician to hook up lighting.

Canal Ponds Entry Sign Canal Ponds Entry Sign - Steps Plus cast 41 recessed letters in three different fonts for this sign. Inserts were cast into a recess for anchoring a brass logo supplied by the customer. The gray precast end pier has a recess with raised lettering.
Pioneer Development - Pure white concrete sign with curved edges and surface applied lettering contrasts nicely with the gray end piers. This same general design is used on various business signs throughout the Canal Ponds Business Park development. Canal Ponds Pioneer Sign
Johnson & Johnson 1 Johnson & Johnson Main Entrance - This sign, also in the Canal Ponds Business Park, has both the sign panel and the end piers made of pure white concrete.

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