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While Steps Plus is based in Syracuse, NY, we deliver and install steps for projects all around central New York in places such as Auburn, Cortland, Fulton, Geneva, Hamilton, Ithaca, Oswego, Utica, Waterloo, and their surrounding towns.  For other areas, check our DEALERS page.

Exact step and railing prices can only be determined by having an estimator visit the site. Meeting our representative at the site is not necessary. (With so many stops in so many locations, it's pretty much impossible for him to schedule appointments with any accuracy.) Our estimator will examine your situation, leave you a brochure so that you know he's been there and then mail you an estimate with a complete breakdown of all the items involved for your particular project. Estimates within our local area are almost always mailed out within a day or two of receiving your request. Separate prices will be listed for:
* Removal of the existing steps, if applicable.
* A set of basic stucco steps, delivered and set in place on concrete blocks.
* Optional stone finish. Brick facings are quoted only if requested.
* Railing prices. According to local codes, your steps should have rails if they are over 2 risers (15") high.
* Extra work, if any. This may include items such as minor carpentry work, pouring a small section of sidewalk, rolling the step into place if our boom truck can't reach it, etc.

Rough "ballpark" prices for the steps and rails can be given over the phone if you call us with the following information (see our Step Detail page for dimensioned drawings):

* Height from ground to top of the doorsill or porch floor. This will allow us to determine how many 7 1/2" high risers are required. Advise us if the ground slopes away from your house since this may result in an additional riser being required.
* Width of step desired. Four, five and six foot widths are standard. Custom widths from 3'-2" to 10'-0" are available.
* Whether or not a platform (landing) is required. If the step goes up to a door, our standard 42" platform allows enough room for a full-size 36" wide door to be opened while still leaving enough space to stand without having to back down the steps. Our "no platform" steps have a top tread width of 14". "No platform" steps are used primarily for going up to a porch.
* Whether or not a boom truck can back to within six feet of the step location.
* Size and type (wood, precast concrete, solid concrete, brick) of steps you currently have. Please note that charges for removing existing concrete or brick steps vary greatly depending on the construction and condition of the step to be removed. Any removal prices given over the phone or at the office should be considered just ROUGH GUESSES and could be off by a substantial amount. Like step prices, accurate removal prices can only be determined by examining the site.
Contact Steps Plus for a quote. If you live outside of our coverage area, check for a dealer.

See our Gallery of Completed Projects.

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