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CHOICES: Precast concrete steps by Steps Plus offer a variety of attractive entrance possibilities. If one of the numerous standard sizes is not appropriate for your particular situation, a custom unit can be made. Units can be stacked and embedded into sloped grade for terrace entrances that make getting up a steep hill a breeze. Choose from stucco, gray stone, buff stone, mixed brick, and red brick finishes. See our Step Details page for specifications and dimensions. See our Gallery of Completed Projects.

Our precast concrete sidewalks and patios are sold separately or with our steps. Visit our sidewalk or patio pages to find out the many advantages of a precast concrete sidewalk.

Our precast concrete panels can be assembled in numerous configurations to create a wide range of products - Click here to download our Panel Brochure in pdf format.

We also manufacture handicap and utility ramps.

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ADVANTAGES: Precast concrete steps have many advantages over other materials.

Unlike poured-in-place, brick or stone steps, a costly foundation down to the frostline is not necessary. Precast steps are less likely to settle because they are hollow and much lighter than solid steps. Blocks set under each corner of the step unit spread out the weight enough so noticeable movement rarely occurs. However, if settling does occur, unlike poured-in-place and masonry steps, precast steps can easily be lifted up and reset.

The treads, risers and landings of our steps are made as one solid piece. This means there are no mortar joints or gaps for water to seep into as could happen on real brick or natural stone steps. The applied facings on our precast steps are protected by a 1 1/2" overhang.

Pressure treated lumber may not rot but it will warp and crack. Steps Plus uses 5000 psi air-entrained concrete to ensure the durability of our precast concrete steps. The steps are made and cured inside under controlled conditions...concrete steps poured outside aren't.

Steps Plus is quick; estimates are usually sent out within 2 days of receiving a request. Steps, if they are one of our many stock sizes, are usually installed within about two weeks of receiving a signed contract.

Steps Plus is here today and here tomorrow. The people at Steps Plus have been producing precast steps in Syracuse since 1967. When you purchase steps from us, you can feel confident that we'll be around to answer your questions or solve any problems be it tomorrow or five years from now.

In addition to all the above, precast steps are very reasonably priced. Most installations are well under $1,000.00. In almost all instances, they are less expensive than any concrete, brick or stone steps that are made at the site. Go to our Pricing Page to see how to obtain a price.

BIG PORCHES: Contractors building large commercial projects use decorative concrete panels to build better, easier and more economically. Steps Plus uses this same method of construction on a smaller scale to build large residential porches. Structural panels can be supported on piers. Panels are connected with embedded connectors. No continuous footing is required. Side wall panels can be plain, imprinted, or stone veneer. Deck panels can be plain, broom finished, or imprinted. Unlimited number of colors. We will help you with the design of your project. We then make and deliver your custom built decorative precast panels. We can install some products for you while others will need to be installed by a contractor. Permits and architectural services to be supplied by others (if required).

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