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Mailbox - drawer closed While these columns look like brick, they are actually made up of precast panels imprinted and colored to look like brick. A custom made steel mailbox is recessed into the column. As an option, the mailbox can be put on sliding rails so that it slides out closer to the road should snow get piled up in front of the column in winter. Newspaper boxes and even a large package receptacle with a locking door can be built into the front, sides or back of the column. The standard size column is 2 feet square by 6 feet high and is set on a small footing. The column is topped off with an elegant peaked pier cap. While the columns are hollow, they are quite heavy and, for this reason, it's highly recommended that you let Steps Plus install your unit for you. The columns are also available without the mailbox option. Call for a quote.
Mailbox column with drawer pulled out. Mailbox- Drawer pulled out

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