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While all of our steps are structurally the same, you can choose from a number of different finishes to get just the right look. The top surfaces of all our steps have a non-skid broom finish.

Stucco Finish STUCCO (plain) FINISH
Our stucco finish consists of textured mortar on the vertical sides and risers of the steps. It is a natural gray cement color. Being a neutral color, it goes well next to houses of any color. Stucco is our least expensive finish.
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Our optional gray stone and buff stone finish consists of a 3/4" thick man-made "stone" that is applied to the vertical risers and sides of the steps. The GRAY STONE finish adds an elegant touch to any entry. The mix of pastel tan, yellow, and beige stones in our BUFF STONE is just right for those entries requiring just a touch of color.
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Stone Finishes

Our optional brick finish consists of a 1/2" thick real brick facing that is applied to the vertical risers and sides of the steps. Our RED BRICK finish contains only red bricks as opposed to our MIXED BRICK finish which consists of a mixture of red, black & white bricks. Get steps that look as though they were assembled by a first-class mason but at a fraction of the cost.
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